Why video marketing, you ask?

Check your pocket for the answer. Behold: 170 grams of procrastination-inducing aluminum and lithium that lets you do anything to avoid actually placing a phone call.

Carried wherever you go, queried for any basic life information, and probably secretly recording everything you say in real time. Ah, an advertiser’s dream!

On average, consumers watch 17 hours of video online per week. Considering that we spend half of all our screen time on our phones, that means the average adult spends the equivalent of a workday each week watching mobile videos.

Now, the fact that we’re all addicted to our phones is not the complete answer to why video is king in marketing, on social media platforms and elsewhere. But we’re setting the stage here.

Before you start doomscrolling again, check this out: Data show that nearly 8 out of 10 people have been convinced to buy something because they watched a video. And just about every person with a pulse invariably must watch at least one explainer video before buying anything.

Here’s a stat that won’t shock you: Consumers say they’d much prefer to watch a short product or service video (44%) than hear from your sales team (6%).

And here’s a stat that makes our case: Between rising inflation and the 85% of households that have a streaming service subscription, a majority of consumers say they’re not fussed with watching ads if it lowers their cost of entertainment. Give the people what they want already!

Video marketing works because the content is relatable, persuasive, and co-mingled with media the audience is already invested in.

Of course, you’ve come to the right place for a completely unbiased take on video marketing. Well … not quite. But we hate bad commercials, too.

Here are three reasons to use video marketing (or scale your current production):

What Makes an Effective Marketing Video?

Heart. Guts. Humor. Humans. Feelings (yes, through a screen).

The #1 reason to use video marketing is because the content tells a story — orienting your brand toward your customer’s life. Relatable content sparks an emotional response. Emotions power memories. Memorable experiences give way to action.

Video marketing allows the customer to see how your product or service fits into their life, improves their experiences, or secures their future. The story in your brand video, commercial, or ad shows customers the “why” or “who” beyond the “what” of the offerings you sell.

We’re also partial to just plain funny creative video marketing.

Views (while not the only metric) measure reach and awareness-building. But video marketing is also a proven tool for retention and consumer loyalty — especially when you use it to touch hearts and minds, not just wallets.

Video Marketing for Business 

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, you can count on your potential customers to find videos to watch online before making a purchase. They’re reading reviews you didn’t write, consuming your competitor’s advertorial content, and hoping they can find a video to watch instead of reading a blog (like this one).

The #2 reason to use video marketing is because customers want it and may not see you at all if you don’t.

Video — whether it’s an over-the-top ad or paid content on social media — rose quickly in the last decade as the consumer’s preferred medium for information. The particulars, such as optimal runtime, change with trends and culture but the habit of turning to video is set.

This makes video marketing essential in your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy for increasing brand awareness and achieving increased engagement.

The benefits of video marketing include higher retention of your message, with data showing most adults are apt to remember video material better than just hearing it or just reading it. So video helps consumers find you, pay attention, and spend money.

Importance of Video Marketing 

No matter your niche or existing digital marketing approach, there’s a platform for you with video.

In fact, good luck avoiding it if you have any business online.

The #3 reason to choose video marketing is because you can flex the content across channels.

Video dominates social media: From influencers eating foods you’ll never try in places you’ll never go, to a shaky 8-minute reel of fireworks at Magic Kingdom shot by someone you took freshman Lit with who posts far too often.

Thank goodness professional marketing videos can disrupt the internet garbage heap.

To meet the needs of the most customers, you need video on your website, in paid advertising channels, and as links or embeds with all digital touch points.

The applications are growing by the day: Recorded webinars for lead generation. Buzz-building sneak peek promos. Behind-the-scenes cinematic storytelling. How-to product guides. Fundraiser videos. Day-in-the-life commercials showing real customers. Go-to-market brand videos. Animated sales video.

In short, everyone’s doing it.

And this may be one of the few times we advocate jumping on the bandwagon and following the crowd. But rest assured, not everyone’s doing it well. Video is the hottest medium — but it takes creative sophistication to cut through the noise.

At Hackstone, we’ll become fluent in your brand’s voice to create the most interesting content imaginable. And we have wild imaginations. Watch the brand video we made about ourselves (so meta) and picture us showing up at your place to make something awesome.