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Fat Snax



Fat Snax was launched in 2017 to provide the world’s best-for-you snacks without compromising on taste. Their low-carb, high-fat, and delicious-tasting snacks became an instant hit with the Keto crowd. While Fat Snax’s marketing efforts continued to get them traction, they had their sights set on something bigger, something higher: Fat Snax wanted to position themselves as THE go-to, standard-setting Keto snack in the market. They didn’t need more traction, they needed elevation.



We took what we knew about the category and ran it through our framework. We knew the CPG (consumer packaged goods) specialty snack buyer visits online stores with high intent and that the Keto consumer is highly educated on the mechanics of the Keto diet. Yet, most commercials still use valuable ad attention to oversell the features of Keto. What if we could simply help the consumer experience FatSnax? Like a virtual taste test.

We saw an opportunity to go all in on synesthesia––the phenomenon where stimulation of one sense activates multiple senses. By stimulating someone’s visual senses, we can activate their taste memory and actually make them taste the snacks through their screen. It’s what causes you to pucker when you see a picture of a lemon.

The hard work was already done––a phenomenal product. We created a series of ads that showed the product’s texture using ultra-high-speed footage and macro lenses. At 1000 frames per second, we filmed cracker snaps and cookie pulls as closely as we could get.

We shot cookies into the air and projected crackers through waterfalls of salt. We tested and intermixed high-impact trigger footage such as butter, an almond milk vortex, and a larger-than-life mound of chocolate chips surrounded by cookie skyscrapers.

The key to this concept was asking three questions:
“Can you taste the product?”
“Can you feel the texture?”
“Is it fun to watch?”




Emily Wu, Marketing Director for Fat Snax said, “Working with Hackstone proves that an investment in high-quality content is a win on so many levels. Our performance on Amazon has been particularly amazing, but the video has had results beyond the measurable metrics as well. It’s brought our company together. We’re so proud of what the campaign symbolizes and reflects: the hard work we’ve all put in to grow our brand these past four years. We are motivated to match the quality of this video campaign in all the work we do.”

Thank you, Emily! We wholeheartedly believe a video campaign should cost you nothing and make you money.




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